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Zumos de Frutas

May 16, 2012

For many years I flew to Madrid weekly for months at a time with a few of my good friends and the most important beverage we wanted in the morning while we waited at the hotel restaurant for our breakfast order was our “Zumos de Frutas”.  Of course many hotels in Europe made this special drink for us even if they did not have it on their menu, but La Plaza was the best.  We actually made it on the plane some mornings with all the fruits we had from the First Class fruit baskets.  Due to custom regulations we could not take the fruit off the plane and it would have been thrown out, so if you worked in First Class or had a friend working there you had a special morning treat.  And if you never knew, we had a couple blenders on board to make cocktails, but back then most travellers were more interested in “Scotch and Water”.  We also had an electric frying pan for fried eggs in the morning, but more importantly we wore white gloves.

Zumos de Frutos

Ingredients and Preparation

The reality for me is that there is no “real recipe”.  Just choose the fruits you like (do not peel) and put them in a blender until the desired consistency.  If necessary add a little apple, orange or another juice of your liking to thin if you would prefer.

Make it Your Way!

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  1. May 18, 2012 18:48

    This is how I treat sangria. Looks great.

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