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Chicken and Cucumber Salad

July 8, 2011

I recently had a similar salad in a Chinese restaurant and have now created my own which I even like better.   I am always looking for something new to do with leftover chicken and this is a keeper.  The restaurant that I had this salad actually had it “swimming” in the vinegar mixture but in this recipe I have just added a small amount.  Try it “your way”.  I think next time I may add some Chinese Noodles

Chicken and Cucumber Salad


  • 1 Cucumber (sliced)
  • 1 Carrot (shredded)
  • 1 Slice Red Onion (chopped)
  • 1 C. Rice Vinegar
  • 1 T. Sugar
  • 3 Chicken Thighs (cooked, cut up) (leftovers)
  • 1/2 C. Cabbage (chopped)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1/2 C. Honey Roasted Cashews
  • 1 T. Fresh Chives (snipped)


  1. Marinate the cucumber, carrot and red onion in the vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper (at least 1 hr.)
  2. Drain the vegetables; reserve 1/2 C. vinegar mixture
  3. Put vegetables in serving bowl; add the chicken and cabbage
  4. Add 2 T. vinegar mixture to bowl and combine; season to taste
  5. Add the cashews and toss
  6. Serve in a chilled bowl and add fresh chives

(Serves 2-4)

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  1. July 8, 2011 17:25

    I think the cashews really make the dish. Love the combo of salty, crunchy and super fresh.

    • July 8, 2011 17:56

      You are so right! The restaurant used peanuts but the sweet cashews were the hit in this salad, they changed each bite. Thanks for your visits and comments.


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