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Chilled Broccoli Salad

October 28, 2010

Truly I love broccoli and I use it in many ways, however when I went to dinner at Tommy’s home one night I was very interested to see this beautiful salad served.  I had never had it anywhere and completely amazed how delicious it was.  Served very cold with a piquant dressing and a squeeze of lemon.  A beautiful fresh start to a lush dinner.

Chilled Broccoli Salad


  • 1 Head of Broccoli
  • 2 Lemons (cut in wedges)


  1. Wash and cut the broccoli into spears
  2. Steam the broccoli until it is just fork tender
  3. Remove broccoli and put in an ice bath
  4. Put broccoli in a covered container and refrigerate until ready to serve
  5. Plate a few spears of broccoli on a chilled plate
  6. Drizzle a vinaigrette over the spears
  7. Garnish with a couple wedges of lemon

Peppercorn Vinaigrette


  1. 1 T. Red Wine Vinegar
  2. 2 T. Fresh Lemon Juice
  3. 3 T. Olive Oil
  4. 2 t. Dijon Mustard
  5. 2 T. Pink Peppercorns
  6. Freshly Ground Pepper


  1. Whisk together the vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil
  2. Add the mustard and peppercorns and whisk
  3. Season with salt and pepper

(Serves 4)

Recipe from my friend Tommy Mannino

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  1. October 29, 2010 00:41

    On re-thinking… If you re-form the broccoli florets as a round in a shallow bowl, like a flat soup bowl or a vegetable serving bowl (making it look like it’s whole), then dress it with the Peppercorn Vinaigrette, you can call it “Frankenstein’s Brain With Witches’ Warts”. What do you think? 😀

    By the way, it looks positively delicious… now.

    • October 29, 2010 14:47

      I love your idea! Your mind works in mysterious ways. Still having trouble naming the Halloween Dinner food, may not. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Halloween Dinner Menu “2010″ « "Deja Vu" Cook

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