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My Edible Garden

September 19, 2010

I have always had a garden since I was about 20 years old even when it was in an apartment in New York City.  Friends always commented on “The Jungle” I had created on the 19th Floor. Prior to that at my parents home it was just grass and a “few” trees.  Of the few trees from my childhood that will always be special is a huge, beautiful “Weeping Willow” in Connecticut and in Florida the most delicious “Duncan Grapefruit”.  The Weeping Willow was very mature and quite magnificent, sitting at the corner of the front yard.  The “Duncan” grew from about 3′  to maturity in our backyard providing shade for a cement patio table and yielding hundreds of the sweetest, delicious grapefruit I have ever had.  The grapefruits were so large that you only needed two to make a quart of juice.  My parents gave plenty away in the neighborhood and many boxes were sent to relatives and friends in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

This year I made a much bigger effort with my edible garden.  “All new plants must contribute to the table”. (Well, we will see how that goes.)  For Easter I had the first tomatoes and lettuce from my garden and a few weeks later enough to make the first Spring Garden Salad which included  plenty of fresh herbs and flowers.

“Better Boy” Tomatoes


The simple tomato and greens for Easter, April 2010

Now the “Better Boy”  is producing, almost too fast.  Never in years past have they ripened so quickly and at the same time.

I only had two small plants of Arugula (Rocket) and they were doing well, having a problem now.

The Garlic Chives are doing well, just a few snips and it changes the dish completely.

Mixed Greens, should have planted a lot more, delicious.

Parsley, planted enough for me and the catapillars.

Basil, planted enough this year for me and quite a few neighbors.

Nasturtium for salads and beauty in the garden and on the table.  Will try to double the amount soon.

Zucchini Flowers, need to plant more next year and a lot earlier.

Hibiscus, year round salad and drink goodness and beautiful addition to arrangements with fruit or flowers, and simply on its own.

Garden Salad, simple, fresh and so delicous.

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