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Pork Chop Suey

July 15, 2010

There are a few times in the year when I am happy to have leftovers and that is when I have leftover pork loin.  I never cook a roast pork loin just to make this recipe, it is always from leftovers.  You can use any vegetables you like or any that you happen to have in the house, and each time it is like a new dinner which will never fail you with great flavor and be ready in about 30 minutes.  My mother always made this and it is amazing what a small amount of meat can be turned into a great dinner for six or more by just adding vegetables.  You can also substitute either chicken or beef as well.


  • 1 1/2 – 2 C. Pork (cut in bite size pieces) (Leftovers)
  • 2 Large Onions (cut in bite size pieces)
  • 3 Stalks of Celery (cut in bite size pieces) 
  •  2 Cans LaChoy Bean Sprouts (14 oz.) (use fresh if available)
  • 1 C. Sauteed Red and Yellow Peppers (Leftovers)
  • 1 C. Pork Gravy
  • 1/2 C. Soy Sauce
  • 1 C. White Rice  
  • Salt (if necessary)
  • Freshly Ground Pepper



  1. Pour 1/4 C. Soy Sauce over the leftover pork
  2. Start cooking the rice (1 C. rice, 2 C. Water)
  3. Saute onions and celery in butter and oil in a large pan
  4. Add the pork gravy, pork, remainder of soy sauce and bean sprouts to the pan and heat
  5. Add the peppers and continue to heat 
  6. Salt and pepper as desired
  7. Serve on warmed plates



(Serves 4-6)

Inspired by “Betty Cheney”

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  1. October 3, 2011 23:48

    At least some bloggers can write. Thank you for this piece


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